Masterkey Week 21

Week 21 the truth will set you free. That we must be moving either forward or backward. Every thing is moving in life. Are thoughts control are life. For me the truth is I am going backwards I say I am stuck, but after reading this week I have found the truth which I am going backwards.


Masterkey Week 20

This week was all about we are all connected which I believe is true. We also have the spirit of God in us. After finally viewing video  of week 20 I realized that I have not change my blueprint because I have missed doing  to much what had to be done to change so I have failed myself again my conclusion is I don’t really want to change.

Masterkey Week 19

This week message is all about thinking only about what you want and not thinking about what you don’t want. This something I have to really work hard on because for me I find out that I do both. That brings up the law of growth. What we think about grows. So I have to really work on thinking on only the things that I want.

Masterkey Week 17HJ

In going back over past weeks I was able to see how far I have come on this journey. For me I don’t feel at times I am not moving forward. Going back has open my eyes that thing an me have changed for the better. So it is said that once you are stretched you have changed and should only go forward from there. I realize now that I am not the same person I was when I started this journey of course I still have a long way to be the person I know I can become.

Masterkey Week 17

First of all I allowed myself to fall behind on posts old blueprint. Week 17 concentration is something I really have to work on I find for me my mind wanders to easily. Focus is so important when it comes to thought it can make it come true or not. On a good note I am seeing parts of my DMP happening.

Masterkey Week 16

This week 16 for me meant the understanding that happiness and harmony come from inside they are a state of mind. That wealth is an exchange value is simply a means of accomplishing an end .What ever it is. That spiritual power is involved in every great fortune. That good thinking brings good and bad thinking bad. This week we are looking for kindness. I was not in meany place to see it but I did see and now I am aware of it an notice more often.